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Amount: $60,000
Plaintiff's Counsel: David A. Herman

Victim Receives $60,000 for Personal Injury Case

On November 22, 2005, the Plaintiff’s decedent was a passenger attempting to board her connecting flight, operated by the Defendant. A second Defendant was assigned to assist passengers in boarding the plane. The Plaintiff’s decedent, who was 89-years-old at the time of the incident and had a noticeably difficult time walking, requested wheelchair assistance from the Defendant to transport her from the airport gate onto the flight. The Plaintiff’s decedent was transported by wheelchair out onto the tarmac and instructed to stand up, walk to the plane, and climb the narrow stairs in order to board. The stairs lacked a secure handrail to assist passengers boarding the flight. There was no communication and/or coordination between the Defendants with regards to safely assisting the decedent from the tarmac onto the plane despite having actual knowledge that she had difficulty walking. The Defendants failed to adequately assist the Plaintiff’s decedent out of her wheelchair and up the steep stairs to the aircraft thereby allowing her to fall on said stairs and sustain serious, permanent physical injuries which required surgery and other extensive medical treatment.

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