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What You Need to Know about Road Rage

by NPHM | January 20th, 2020

Road Ragers: almost every driver in Ohio has seen one at some point or another. They drive erratically and aggressively, and they sometimes even attempt to incite direct confrontations with other motorists. Road rage is a serious issue in America with dire consequences. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that fatal road […]

Follow These Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

by NPHM | January 13th, 2020

Ohio’s winters are notoriously harsh. We’ve already experienced bitterly cold and freezing temperatures this year, and there are plenty more on the way. Cold weather doesn’t just do a number on local streets, highways, and interstates—it can also seriously damage vehicles. Just as knowing how to drive in winter weather is essential for reducing your […]

Your Social Posts Could Hurt Your Claim

by NPHM | January 6th, 2020

Over 169.5 million people in the U.S., more than half the population, are Facebook users, and the odds are good that you’re one of them. Even if you’re not on Facebook, there’s a good chance you use another social media platform, such as Twitter or Instagram, to share your thoughts online. But if you post […]

How to Stay Safe When Riding with or Acting as a Designated Driver

by NPHM | December 30th, 2019

Getting behind the wheel of any vehicle when you’re over the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is one of the most dangerous things you can do. To stay safe on nights out after drinking, many people appoint friends or family members ahead of time to be their designated drivers. Being a designated driver […]

Tips for Traveling with Kids

by NPHM | December 23rd, 2019

Whether you are making your way over the state border to visit Grandma for the holidays or are making a cross-country roadtrip to see the sights of America, traveling with children can occasionally be frustrating. Keeping them happy and occupied, so you can keep your eyes on the road and avoid accidents, is difficult, especially […]

Winter Driving Tips

by NPHM | December 16th, 2019

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are commonplace throughout Ohio during the winter months. And while most cities throughout the state are prepared for this inevitable inclement weather, not all drivers are ready for the reduced traction, longer stopping distances, and overall loss of control that icy roads often bring. Bad weather is one of the […]

What to Know When Toy Shopping This Holiday Season

by NPHM | December 9th, 2019

Whether shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, a winter birthday, or another special occasion for a child in your life, December is the best time of year to score great deals on toys. However, if you don’t shop smart, you may end up with a toy that has the potential to spread more harm than joy. Good […]

How to Deep-Fry a Turkey This Thanksgiving

by NPHM | November 25th, 2019

Every November, as people begin to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, discussions about deep frying the turkey springs up once again. While many argue that deep frying a turkey is the best method of cooking, it is also considerably more dangerous than other methods. Deep frying a turkey keeps the meat tender and juicy, while roasting […]

Congratulations to Our NP4CLE Veterans Day Tribute Winners!

by NPHM | November 21st, 2019

Our NP4CLE Veterans Day Tribute is now complete. Click the image below to watch us draw the six winners! $500 Prize – Chad Breedlove (Army, 4 years of service) $500 Prize – Sharon Lange (Marine Corps, 21 years of service) $500 Prize – Kenneth Milenovic (Army, 3 years of service) $500 Prize – Steven O’Neill […]

Insurance and Liability in a Rental Vehicle

by NPHM | November 18th, 2019

When you get in a car accident in a car you don’t own, the process for getting compensation can become very complicated, very fast. This is especially true when you get in an accident while driving a rental car, even when the accident was not your fault. How Rental Car Accidents Differ When you sign […]