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November 10, 2009

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In these difficult economic times, cutting back on your car insurance could cost you more than you save.  Your car insurance is there to pay for your medical expenses and the damage done to your car.  How will you get to work without your car?  How will you pay your medical bills if you are unable to work?  If you do not think you can afford your insurance payment, just think how you can afford to pay medical bills, car rentals, car repairs and other expenses when you might not be able to work due to injuries from a car accident.  What if your injuries take months to heal or even longer?  What if they are permanent?  What if the other driver has no insurance?

Your insurance policy is there to protect you and your family whenever you get in an accident, even if it is not your fault.  If you are hit by another driver, who may not have insurance or not enough insurance, you will need your own insurance to fall back on.  It is important to have uninsured motorist and/or underinsured motorist coverage.  This coverage is known as UM / UIM coverage.  Check your Declaration of Coverages Page to make sure you are covered!

While all drivers are required by state law to have minimum insurance coverage, this requirement does not include UM / UIM coverage.  State minimum requirements are allowing drivers on the road with very limited insurance that will not cover broken bones or a surgery. State minimum insurance covers only the most basic injuries.   “We keep you legal for less” really means that if you are hit by one of these drivers and you have a significant injury, then you will likely need to fall back on your own underinsured motorist coverage.  It is a simple fact that state minimum coverage will not be enough to protect you and your family from the many expenses you will incur following an injury that is the result of a car accident.

If you are looking for additional resources, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a comprehensive website that will help answer many questions about car insurance and other types of insurance.  You can download a consumer’s guide at for valuable information about insurance related matters.

If you would like to learn more, then please feel free to contact one of our experienced trial attorneys (free of charge).  Our attorneys handle car accident cases from client intake to jury trial verdict.  If you have been in a car accident, we can help! More importantly, our attorneys can answer your questions about adequate car insurance coverage before you have been in an accident.  Please call us at  (800) 562-7438 to make sure you are covered.

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