Can an Experienced Attorney Help You Following a Car Accident? – Yes!

by fstrack | July 16th, 2009

You should not be responsible for paying for damages you didn’t cause.  Most people are reluctant to seek and attorney following an accident.  Some feel bad in making a claim or feel others may perceive them as greedy or revengeful.   In truth most lawsuits and claims against insurance companies when a person is left with no other reasonable choice.  (CNN Investigation)

All insurance companies are interested in making profits for themselves and to settle a claim as quickly as possible.  It is not uncommong for insurance companies to offer a low and unfair amount in return for a quick resolution of your claim. If you are injured in car accident you may not know value of your claim and you may have no means to compare whether or not the insurance company’s offer is fair or unfair.  An experienced attorney can determine the full extent of your damages and can review your claim to determin whether the settlement amount is reasonable or not.  If necessary the attorney can file a lawsuit and have a judge and jury determine the fair value of your compensation.  This option is needed when the attorney feels more compensation is required than the insurance company is willing to pay.

At Nurenberg Paris we are  always willing to answer any questions you may have regarding the steps to take following a motor vehicle accident. We’ve helped over thousands of Ohio and Non-Ohio clients throughout our practice injured in traffic accidents.

Call us today –  It doesn’t cost you any more to get legal help earlier rather than later. The fee is the same. You are losing precious time by waiting as evidence may disappear, witnesses may be overlooked, and memories fade.  Our firm knows how important it is start collecting evidence and statements as soon as possible.

Remember insurance companies save millions each year by reaching injured victims before they can consult with an experienced accident attorney.  Adjuster and claim agents know that they can often have you accept far less than you claim is worth by contacting you immediately.  Your case is too important to rush to a settlement simply because they are calling you.