FAA Proposes Stiff Penalties for Improper Flight Training

by NPHM | September 28th, 2010

Oregon-based cargo carrier, Evergreen International Airlines, received notice of a $4.9 million civil penalty for improper pilot training. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposed the penalty on Friday, September 24, 2010, citing Evergreen’s failure to provide required familiarization flights for new flight management systems (FMS).

According to a FAA press release, the improper flights occurred between Feb. 19 and July 9, 2009. During this time, pilots operated aircraft with a new FMS, which was significantly different from previous systems.

Though Evergreen provided its pilots with ground training and a check ride for the new FMS, the FAA requires that pilots participate in familiarization flights before flying without the supervision of the company’s check pilots.

Evergreen is now complying with FAA-approved training programs, but is still facing penalties for the period of time in violation. FAA administrator, Randy Babbit explained that “the penalty is appropriate as approved training is the only way to make sure crews are fully qualified to operate the equipment and systems to manage flights safely.”


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