How Ohio Car Accident Totals Have Been Reduced In Recent Years

by | September 11th, 2014

It seems as though highway safety in Ohio is improving. Records from the Ohio Department of Public Safety show that last year, fatal traffic deaths decreased by more than 13 percent from the previous year’s totals. Furthermore, this was an all-time low for motor vehicle fatalities in the state.

Experts agree the decrease is due to the vigorous efforts the state and private organizations have made to educate the public about the importance of keeping safety in mind while behind the wheel. This success is why many of these programs continue today.

In fact, an article from the Dayton Daily News says Troopers with the Ohio Highway Patrol are conducting random vehicle safety inspections along highways in the state. Vehicles that are selected are stopped, then have equipment such as lights, tires, windshield wipers, and seat belts checked for proper function. Vehicles that pass are given a sticker, while drivers of failed vehicles receive a warning ticket to have repairs made.

Another way the state is working to prevent an Ohio car accident from occurring is by asking teen motorists to pledge to refrain from texting and driving. Teens are asked to sign pledge cards, which are being distributed as part of Safe Driving Awareness Month.

Our team of Cleveland personal injury lawyers at the law firm of Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy applaud the efforts being made by the state to improve highway safety. We also encourage drivers to stay safe by obeying all posted speed limits and remembering to buckle up.