Insurance company on the defensive

by lmallernee | September 12th, 2012

September 12, 2012

To avoid paying the deceased’s family $75,000, Progressive Insurance defended the guilty driver who killed a woman in a car accident in June 2010, reports The Legal Examiner.

The woman had a Progressive Insurance policy for uninsured or underinsured drivers who caused serious injury or death for up to $100,000.

The driver who caused the wreck was insured by Nationwide, who paid the victim’s family $25,000. Nationwide did not even dispute that its client was at fault for the accident.

Progressive worked with the defense to challenge the victim’s family’s case and would not recognize that the other driver was at fault. If the deceased was found to be at fault in the accident, then Progressive would not have to pay the $75,000. Progressive’s lawyer worked in the courtroom against the deceased’s family’s case.

The other driver was found to be negligent; thus Progressive has to pay the deceased’s family $75,000. The legal success brings relief to the family, but the deceased’s brother said that the case has been an unneeded disruption for a mourning family.

“When the company had plenty of reason to identify [the deceased] as the victim, it was wrong for Progressive to take an adversarial position against the client,” according to the Associated Press.

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