More driving, fewer dying in car accidents

by NPHM | December 30th, 2010

December 30, 2010

We are always hearing about driving safety, and most recently the talk has been of distracted driving due to cell phones. However, sources report that car accident fatalities are not as frequent as they used to be.

According to the Wall Street Journal, fewer people are dying in auto accidents, including Ohio car accidents, but the question is why?

This question is particularly puzzling with all the talk of the dangers of texting and talking on cell phones while driving. However, the Wall Street Journal says a study points to multiple factors including better safety technology in vehicles, less reckless driving, gradual allowance of responsibility to teen drivers, and a dragging economy.

A USA Today article suggests that crackdowns on drunk driving and increased seatbelt usage contribute to the numbers, including fewer Ohio car accident fatalities.

However, as the Washington Post points out, we cannot ignore that those who are dying on the roads may not be in cars: pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists are also victims, especially in countries where residents don’t use cars as their main form of transportation.

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