Proposed Speed Limit Increase Has Public Concerned For Highway Safety

by | March 27th, 2013

March 27, 2013

Ohio legislators are currently considering a bill that would increase speed limits on highways throughout the state. This has many concerned about an increase in the number of Ohio Auto Accidents and highway safety in the region.

Under the bill, the Ohio Department of Transportation would boost speed limits along stretches of interstate highway in rural areas to 70 MPH. It would also allow for speed limits to be increased to 65 MPH along interstate freeway outer belts in urban areas and to 55 MPH in congested urban areas. A story from ABC 5 News stated the proposal also allows the implementation of a $1.5 billion bond sale to fund the construction and maintenance of bridge and highway projects throughout the state.

Many citizens are concerned about an increase in the number of serious accidents that may follow the speed limit increase. These concerns are not unfounded either, considering the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that an increase in speed is directly correlated to an increase in the probability of a driver being involved in a collision.

Despite these concerns, the measure moved forward with Senate approval this past week. Now, the House will examine the bill tomorrow.

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