Texting While Driving – Dangerous!

by fstrack | May 13th, 2009

We may have done it, or witnessed someone doing it – but just because everyone’s done it, doesn’t make it right.

Cleveland City Counsel passed a  ban on text-messaging while driving in April to take effect 90 days after Mayor Jackson signs the legislation.  The new lost not only bans texting,  but it also includes doing anything other than talking on the cell phone– like downloading ring tones and surfing the Web, while driving.

Texting takes your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel and the bill is just another way to keep drivers more careful on the roads in Cleveland, but should be practieced in every Ohio city.

An estimated 20 percent of drivers are sending or receiving text messages while behind the wheel, according to a Nationwide Insurance study. And, according to another poll, that number skyrockets to 66 percent when drivers 18 to 24 are isolated. The practice, especially popular among young people, is exacting a deadly toll. [US News]