Three Northeast Ohio Counties Lead The State In Deer Collisions

by NPHM | October 14th, 2011

October 14, 2011

Three northeast Ohio counties are listed as having the highest number of vehicle accidents caused by collisions with deer. Many area drivers are concerned for their safety; unfortunately, while there are several products on the market claiming to deter the animals from your vehicle, experts and crash victims alike are claiming these products don’t work.

According to News Channel 3, Richland County topped the list with 650 collisions last year, followed by Stark and Summit Counties with 630 and 552 accidents.

Why so many, you ask? Unchecked populations in rural areas are the best answers researchers can give.

What can you do to protect your self? Several companies offer products, such as “deer whistles” that mount to the front bumper of your car, which are supposed to scare the animal away; however, many people say that they do not work because a deer’s natural reaction when threatened is to not move. Retailer with Gander Mountain, Bill Holcomb, says the products are “directional. They cause the deer to stop, and the last thing you want is for a deer to stop in front of you.”

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