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What to Tell Your College Student About Drunk Driving

September 10, 2019

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A 2010 study revealed that 25% of college students admitted to driving drunk within the past month alone. If you’re a parent whose child is attending college, whether they live at home or thousands of miles away, statistics like that are a big reason why you worry about their safety.

Drunk driving is one of the biggest causes of car crashes resulting in injury or death in the U.S., and the risks are particularly high for young people, including college students. College life has long been associated with alcohol consumption, despite the fact that most college students are underage. People in their teens and early 20s are more likely to take unnecessary risks while driving, especially when they’re intoxicated.

You Can Make a Difference in Your Child’s Safety

As a parent, you may feel powerless when it comes to protecting your college student. It can seem difficult to influence an older child who yearns for independence, but taking just a few simple steps can help your child make better choices:

  • Give your child options for getting home safely—College students usually don’t plan to drink and drive. Instead, they get behind the wheel because it’s convenient. Creating alternatives for your child to get home, including ridesharing services, public transportation, or even picking them up yourself, can reduce their risks.
  • Don’t be permissive with alcohol—Remember that underage drinking is illegal, and Ohio has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drivers who have consumed alcohol. Never serve alcohol to your child or their friends, and keep alcohol in your home locked up or otherwise out of reach.
  • Set a good example—Make sure your own behavior is consistent with the expectations you set for your child. Don’t get behind the wheel after drinking, even if you don’t think you’re intoxicated. In addition, don’t ride with others who have been drinking, as passengers are just as vulnerable during drunk driving crashes as drivers.

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