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Follow These Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

January 13, 2020

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Ohio’s winters are notoriously harsh. We’ve already experienced bitterly cold and freezing temperatures this year, and there are plenty more on the way. Cold weather doesn’t just do a number on local streets, highways, and interstates—it can also seriously damage vehicles.

Just as knowing how to drive in winter weather is essential for reducing your risks, knowing how to prepare and protect your vehicle for cold temperatures, snow, and ice is also vital. Breakdowns are more common during the winter, and the consequences can be more severe, including being stranded after accidents or due to major traffic jams caused by winter weather conditions.

At Nurenberg Paris, we know the perils of Ohio winters. That’s why we created the following handy infographic to help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape this winter.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes This Winter

 Making the right decisions for your vehicle during the winter is important, but it’s also important to avoid making the wrong decisions. Keep the following winter weather vehicle maintenance and driving mistakes in mind for the next several months, as cold temperatures persist long into March and April in Ohio:

  • Never defrost your windshield with hot water—There’s nothing more annoying than walking outside to find your windshield is completely iced over. If you’ve ever poured hot water on snow or ice, you know it clears it almost instantly, but pouring it on your windshield can shatter the glass.
  • Don’t swerve to avoid that pothole—Driving into a pothole can damage your vehicle’s bumper, tires, and suspension, and some vehicles have even been totaled by potholes. However, swerving to avoid one can be more dangerous than it’s worth, as it may result in a serious collision with another driver.
  • Never drive with ice still on your windshield—Safe driving requires full visibility. That means removing all snow and ice from your windshield, as well as your side and rear windows. Driving around with just a small porthole to look out of decreases your visibility and can even be blinding if the sun hits the remaining ice on the rest of your windshield.
  • Never leave home without checking the weather—Winter storms in Ohio can strike suddenly, turning otherwise nice days into whiteout conditions. However, most winter storms are predicted far in advantage. Checking the weather daily can help you stay informed about winter conditions and prevent you from being caught off guard.

You should also never neglect routine maintenance and daily driving tasks. That means filling up long before your gas tank approaches E, getting regular oil changes, and topping up on coolant as necessary.

Involved in a Winter Crash? We’re Here to Help.

Many winter accidents are the result of slick roads and treacherous conditions, but some are due to drivers going too fast, driving while distracted, or just simply failing to exercise caution.

At Nurenberg Paris, it’s our job to hold negligent drivers accountable when their mistakes injure others. If you or someone you love was injured in a winter weather crash, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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