Air France Crash Investigators to Open Black Boxes

by NPHM | May 12th, 2011

May 12, 2011

When flight data and cockpit voice recorders were pulled from the wreckage of Air France Flight 447 in early May, investigators said it could take months for them to solve the mystery behind the June 2009 Rio-Paris crash, if solving the mystery is even possible at all.

In a news conference on Thursday, investigators said that they’re beginning the process. The bright-orange boxes, which are hoped to contain long-desired answers, were shown to the public and to family members of the 228 people killed in the crash. They will soon be opened.

Chief investigator Alain Bouillard told Reuters that he’s confident the boxes will yield at least some information about the crash.

The French BEA, which is investigating the crash, says readings from the black boxes can be expected in early 2012.

In the weeks since the plane was located, divers have also identified the bodies of about 50 passengers. Two were brought to the surface to test for DNA last week. Investigators say that they’ll know within days whether or not they can extract DNA evidence from the bodies. If so, they’ll work on bringing the rest of the bodies up for testing and proper burial. If not, the bodies will be left in their final resting place.

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Do you think investigators will be able to determine the reason that Flight 447 went down?

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