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Boeing encouraging airlines to switch to iPad navigation charts

October 14, 2011

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Flight navigation – yes, there’s an app for that.

More and more, our lives are going digital, and aviation is no exception. For flight planning, pilots traditionally have relied on paper navigational charts and other printed materials. Often voluminous, these paper charts also require frequent updates in order to remain reliable. Boeing intends to change all that, and is encouraging airlines to ditch the paper and switch to electronic tablets for flight information. Boeing already has encouraged airlines to do away with paper manuals, and is transitioning to a purely electronic environment for flight training as well. Now, through Jeppesen, its flight navigation data unit, Boeing has introduced a mobile flight charting application, or “app,” for iPad users. Downloadable from the iTunes store, the app is intended to allow pilots access to instantly updated navigational information, such as flight charts and airport diagrams, and to make the flight charting process completely paperless. No word yet on when an Android version will be available.

Author: Jamie Lebovitz

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