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Concern Grows Over Treatment of Families of Malaysian Airlines Flight 307 Victims

March 28, 2014

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In the wake of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 307 several weeks ago, many have become concerned over the poor treatment the families of the victims of the Commercial Airline Accident have received from investigators and government officials.

Forbes reports that concern for the families began when Malaysian officials chose to send a mass text message informing them the plane had been lost and it was highly unlikely anyone had survived. Many felt a more personal approach to sharing information regarding discoveries that are being made in the investigation would have been more effective. Malaysian officials have backed the move, saying they wanted to let family members have access to the information before it was shared publicly.

The actions highlight the need for international policies to be established that would provide assistance and support to families of aviation disasters. The United States passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act in 1996, which requires airlines to develop policies and procedures to help the victims of crashes and their families. The ICAO also has created a policy that requires airlines to assist accident victims, but the policy does not have the same clout as a law.

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