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FAA Failure To Update Safety Standards Causing Helicopter Crashes

July 10, 2014

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Great strides are being taken in the United States to improve the safety record of the aviation industry, but it seems as though archaic regulations and a lack of effort to update these standards may be causing a portion of the aviation accidents that occur today.

Take the case of the helicopter crash that occurred in Louisiana in 2009. The aircraft was less than three years old when it took off and struck a bird, causing the windshield to shatter. The pilot then lost control and crashed, killing eight people on board.

An article from USA Today pointed out that the broken windshield that had been installed on the helicopter was not up to current safety standards that have been established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); however, the aircraft only had to meet regulations from when the aircraft was designed—which was in 1978.

The article went on to explain this wasn’t the only case of a helicopter not meeting current safety standards. In 1996, the FAA updated the safety standards of fuel tanks aboard helicopters, but it was discovered that of 46 aircraft that were inspected, none were equipped with the updated tank.

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