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Families of British Columbia Plane Crash Victims File Lawsuit

August 12, 2011

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August 12, 2011

The families of two of the four victims who died in a British Columbia plane crash almost a year ago have filed suit against the pilot’s estate for damages.

The crash occurred on August 17, 2010, when a single-engine Piper Comanche went down on Apex Mountain shortly after takeoff. Among the victims were the 36-year-old pilot, his 21-year-old brother, and their friends, aged 30 and 35. All were males.

The plane was found eight days after crashing, and the Transportation Safety Board later determined that the plane was at or over its weight limit.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the lawsuit was filed in British Columbia Supreme Court by the wife of one of the friends who died. The woman claims the accident occurred because of the pilot’s negligence. The mother of another passenger also filed suit citing pilot negligence, alleging that the pilot failed to take note of the air temperature and altitude density or familiarize himself with the terrain. The suits also claim that the pilot didn’t ensure that his plane was in good mechanical shape.

The family members want to recoup expenses they’ve incurred and also be compensated for suffering loss of love, guidance, and affection.

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Photo courtesy of The Vancouver Sun

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