Flight 3407 Crash Puts Regional Airlines Under Microscope

by fstrack | May 18th, 2009

The Continental Connection Flight 3407 Tragedy, which should have never happened, has opened the eyes of The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).  The concerns about the operation of the nation’s regional airlines, a sector of the aviation industry that has grown to account for half the country’s airline flights and a quarter of its passengers.

Attorney Jamie Lebovitz in and interview earlier this year spoke of the concerns of the safety in aviation.   The pilot training is an important area needed to be reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  In 1997 a seriese of commuter crashes found the FAA to enact across-th-board regulation on safety levels applying to regional carriers and major airlines.  Yet a decade later, many major airlines depend on small carriers to carry more passengers have not access to the traing plans for those carriers to ensure the training they profe is the same lever and the major carrier.

We encourage the NTSB and the FAA to do everything in their power to ensure safety in the air.