Mooney Crash

by fstrack | October 8th, 2009

A well known Mooney pilot lost his life on September 30, 2009.  David Eyde, an experienced pilot,  crashed his Mooney M20M near Muncie, Indiana.  He was found unresponsive in the cockpit by two Air National Guard F-16 jets after Eyde overshot the runway of his destination airport by 185 miles and was not responding to air traffic  controllers.

News reports indicate the aircraft had recently been  in for  maintenance and that Eyde was testing it the day of the crash.
Eyde was a young man with a family and the circumstances surrounding this accident mandate a very thorough investigation.

The National Transportation Safety Board is in charge of the investigation.  However, governmental agencies, like the NTSB do not have the staff or in house experts to handle extensive and detailed investigations.

The Mooney M20M is not pressurized and requires the use of an on board oxygen system.  Speculation regarding the failure of the plane’s oxygen delivery system is high.  In additon, this Mooney was manufactured in 2003, near the time that Mooney was emerging from bankruptcy.  There are known serious problems with Mooney aircraft that were mothballed during this turbulent time in the company’s history.

Our firm represented the family of a well known surgeon who lost his life in a Mooney M20R.  This particular aircraft was part of the group of Mooney airplanes that were mothballed before bankruptcy.  After extensive investigation by our firm, we discovered that this plane had a dark past.  It took a valuable life and another Mooney pilot has now lost his life.

The Nurenberg Paris law firm is “AV” rated and has been representing families in bodily injury and wrongful death cases since 1928. Our aviation practice group has represented victims of commercial aviation disasters as well as general aviation crashes throughout the United States and Canada.  Among the many air crash cases Nurenberg has handled was the March 2003 crash of a Mooney M20R Ovation which claimed the life of a world renowned surgeon. Although the NTSB failed to identify the cause of the crash, the Nurenberg aviation lawyers and team of professionals, after extensive investigation and pretrial discovery, uncovered the defects in the airplane that lead to the crash. The case concluded prior to trial.

If you have a loved one who perished in the crash of a Mooney aircraft, it would be our privilege to represent the family and help them find the answers they deserve and importantly, protect and pursue their rights under the civil justice system.