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Pilot Error the Leading Cause of Aviation Accidents

September 15, 2014

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There are countless dangers pilots face when flying, but the biggest risk they may face is their own shortcomings. Data from the National Transportation Safety Board lists pilot error as one of the leading causes of aviation accidents that occur today.

The general aviation accident that recently occurred in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, highlights the risks a pilot’s mistakes and lack of training can pose. The National Transportation Safety Board recently released their preliminary report about the facts of this accident. This preliminary report, the first of three reports that will be released during the NTSB investigation, notes that the pilot of this crash lacked the proper credentials as a flight instructor.

ABC 4 News explains that in August, the 33-year-old pilot held a commercial pilot license and a first-class medical certificate when he took a 20-year-old student into the air. The plane crashed during a landing attempt, killing both the pilot and his young student.

Experts concluded the pilot did not have an instructors’ certification and should have never been teaching another person how to fly.

So what should you do if you or a loved one were harmed as the result of a pilot’s errors? Speaking with an aviation accident attorney will likely be your best bet.

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