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Report: Pilot Error Caused Fatal Plane Crash in Maine Last Year

October 21, 2011

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October 21, 2011

Pilot error is to blame for a 2010 float plane crash in Rockwood, Maine, that killed the founder of Telford Aviation Services, according to The National Transportation Safety Board, which released their findings today.

WMTW reports that the crash occurred on August 1, 2010, when the 64-year-old male pilot failed to retract the landing gear on his plane as he tried to land on Moosehead Lake. Investigators believe that the pilot never raised his landing gear after taking off from Rangeley so that when he tried to land on the lake, his landing gear hit the water and caused the plane to nose over.

The man’s passenger — a 61-year-old Rockwood woman — was injured in the crash.

Toxicology reports on the pilot revealed that he had recently taken an over-the-counter antihistamine that “would have likely been impairing at the time of the accident.” The NTSB has ruled that impairment due to medication was a contributing factor in this crash.

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Photo Source: WMTW

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