Stranded Airline Passengers Infuriated by Customer Service

by NPHM | January 5th, 2011

Poor weather conditions on the East coast left thousands of airline travelers stranded in airports without flight plans. Passengers were unable to get basic information, such as flight cancellations and reservations due to understaffed airline call centers and airports.

An article explained that some airlines cut call-center jobs and closed call centers in the past months. While online flight reservations are increasingly more popular, when a crisis occurs, airline customers flood call centers, often being told to hold for hours at a time or to call back.

Customer Service Unavailable

According to the article, a spokesperson for American Airlines said call volume increased 220 percent of normal on this past Monday, December 27. This spokesperson went on to explain that the company asked its customer service workers to cut short vacations and extended hours for part-time workers to satisfy call volume.

Unfortunately, these actions were unable to satisfy caller demand, leaving airline customers, some of whom who were trapped at airports without their luggage for two or three days at a time, frustrated and infuriated.


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