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Corporate Aviation Accident Numbers Down, But Crash Severity Continues to Increase

February 7, 2014

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While the number of Corporate Aviation Accidents that occurred last year may be lower than the previous year, data seems to indicate the crashes that did occur were much more devastating. This conclusion can be drawn from the fact that while the total number of crashes decreased; the number of fatalities that were recorded went up.

According to an article from AIN Online, U.S.-registered corporate jets were involved in 14 accidents last year, versus the 34 crashes that were recorded in 2012. U.S. registered turboprop aircraft saw a total of 43 crashes last year, as compared to the 44 that occurred the previous year. Furthermore, non-U.S. registered business aircraft were involved in two crashes this past year.

Despite the decrease in crashes, more than 64 people lost their lives in 2013 due to business aviation accidents, versus the 41 that were recorded the previous year.

The Federal Aviation Administration is working to address this issue, but in the meantime, many pilots and businesses are wondering what they can do to reduce the chances of an accident.

The Aviation Accident Attorneys with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy explain proper maintenance of aircraft, combined with ample training for pilots, are two of the best ways to stay safe in the air. The firm also suggests businesses regularly review their policies for safety during air travel.

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