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Foundation takes aging military veterans on biplanes

August 3, 2012

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August 3, 2012

To provide the experience of navigating a plane to senior military veterans, Darryl Fisher created the Nevada-based Ageless Aviation Dreams foundation in April 2011, according to the Register Guard.

Recently, a Eugene, Oregon, resident and former pilot took a 20-minute flight with Fisher piloting. The 85 year old is almost blind—the result of an infection that he contracted while fighting in the Korean War.

From his perch in the front cockpit of a World War II-era Boeing Stearman biplane, the 85 year old felt his age float away. For the duration of the flight, he felt like a young man again.

“It was absolutely glorious,” the 85 year old said. “It took me back to when I was 21 ... deja vu. It was gorgeous to be up there.”

Relying on Springfield-based Pinnacle Healthcare and other corporate sponsors to pay expenses, Fisher does not charge for his services. He saw Ageless Aviation Dreams as an opportunity to combine his passions for senior care and aviation.

“They thought they would never fly again, and to be able to do this for them . . . it’s pretty huge when you think about it,” Fisher said. “This was their last flight.”

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