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New gadget can help jet fighter crews to safety

July 11, 2012

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July 11, 2012

A prototype of an iPhone-sized device will soon allow pilots to carry cockpit technology in their flight suits and helmets, reports CNN Tech.

Created by United States defense contractor Raytheon, The Aviation Warrior adapts technology popularized by iPhones and tablet computers to fly modern jets.

Using a processor the size of a smart phone, which is as powerful as a laptop, The Aviation Warrior powers a display on the pilot’s helmet and a small screen on his wrist.

Pilots could then view a full color terrain map and virtual images of the landscape around them. Their helmets also could relay audio alerts, giving warning of incoming missiles.

The warrior technology will enable pilots to navigate through bad weather conditions or through “brown outs.” It will also pinpoint enemy or friendly positions.

"All the information they would typically have in a cockpit, with this new system they have it on their person, so when they leave the aircraft, they still have it with them," the president of Raytheon Technical Services said. "Instead of the hide and seek of previous conflicts, particularly the Vietnam war, where a pilot would hunker down and wait for rescue, they now know how to get (to) safety."

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