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New museum to celebrate vintage aviation

July 23, 2012

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July 23, 2012

Privately funded by the George V. Woodling Jr. Foundation from Cleveland, a new aviation museum in northern Ohio will offer aviation enthusiasts the feel of a different era, according to the Newark Advocate.

The Liberty Aviation Museum near Port Clinton is a throwback to the growing interest in aviation between World War I and World War II. It opened on Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Erie Ottawa Regional Airport.

"We'll bring the look and feel of the golden age of aviation," the museum CEO Ed Patrick said. With art deco fixtures and chrome accents as well as a vintage diner, the museum adds details to complement the old planes and vehicles from the World War II era.

"Basically, the whole structure is a museum, the hangar, the workshop, everything," Patrick said. "It's not a static museum; when you open the doors, everything isn't just in bookcases. Every day, planes will be worked on, restored, and flown."

Among other attractions, the museum has a 1929 Ford Tri motor airplane and a World War II patrol torpedo boat.

The up-close look at tidbits of history will help visitors better understand Americans' sacrifices during wars, museum spokesman Jeff Sondles said

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