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Pilots of private planes need more education

June 21, 2012

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June 20, 2012

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating how to make non-commercial flying less hazardous, according to Bloomberg Business Week.

Even though there has been an 85 percent drop in accidents on commercial jet liners, the crash rate for private pilot flights is up 20 percent since 2000.

Many of these aviation accidents have been caused by pilots’ inattention. Overloading planes, failing to check weather reports, and mistakes that result in planes losing lift are a few examples of these pilot-caused errors.

Private flight crashes are 12 times higher than the average rate for other types of general aviation flying. The rate of deadly wrecks in such private flying is up 25 percent since 2000.

The largest category of accidents is those in which pilots lose control during flight. The Federal Aviation Administration wants to make it cheaper for small planes to install devices that warn pilots when wings are in danger of losing lift. Such devices are standard on commercial planes.

But it is human error that underlies the majority of personal flight crashes. Education and training programs haven’t reached the pilots.

To promote aviation safety, we at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy encourage all private pilots to update their training and equipment annually.

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