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Post-Accident Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

August 2, 2016

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At Nurenberg Paris, we’ve handled injury cases for 90 years. Some of our clients sustain injuries that heal with time and treatment. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can’t be put in that camp. They are serious, they are dangerous, and they can cause lifelong complications for victims and their families. Worse yet, many accident victims don't initially realize they've suffered a TBI. When you’re in a serious accident, especially those that occur at a high rate of speed, your brain can sustain trauma even if you never hit your head. At the moment of impact, your body should be secured by your seatbelt. However, your brain, a free-floating organ inside your head, has nothing to secure it. Think of a marble inside a balloon. When the balloon stops, the marble keeps going, slamming into the walls of the balloon. The force of that impact on your brain can lead to concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include:
  • poor memory and difficulty concentrating,
  • strange sensations, including tastes and smells,
  • difficulty speaking or understanding others,
  • or changes in behavior or personality.
If you experience any of these symptoms after an accident, contact a medical professional immediately. Then give our experienced Ohio car accident attorneys a call. We’ll investigate the cause of your accident and fight to get your maximum compensation.

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