Defective Product

More Vehicle Recalls with Takata Air Bags

by Staff | May 13th, 2015

Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan expanded recalls of cars equipped with Takata air bags. Defective inflaters can burst when triggered, spewing metal shards at occupants of the vehicle. In an email, Toyota said certain types of airbag inflaters have the potential for “moisture intrusion” that may cause the airbag to fail. Toyota and Nissan originally […]

Car Washes Preventing Ohio Car Accidents?

by | April 20th, 2015

Winter weather in Ohio and the chemicals and minerals that are used to clear our roadways can be unforgiving to our vehicles. In fact, the salt that is often used to melt snow and ice on our highways has been found to cause rusting in the brake lines of numerous makes and models, which can […]

Avoiding Product Liability Concerns Associated With Colored Contacts This Halloween

by | October 30th, 2014

Halloween is just around the corner and many people are putting the final touches on their costumes. After all, it’s the details that make a costume great! But could part of your costume be putting your health at risk? If you’re using colored contacts to alter the look of your eyes, the answer could be […]

Risks of Using Spray-On Sunscreen

by | August 7th, 2014

It’s summer, and for many residents of Ohio, that means spending time in the sun. Being exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays can be dangerous to your skin and has been linked to causing skin cancer. While using sunscreen is an effective way to block these rays, there are questions about whether or not […]

FDA Recalls Defective Medical Device Because of Problems

by | May 29th, 2014

Companies who market medical devices and equipment have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their products; however, testing doesn’t always catch every problem and sometimes devices are released that can cause patients serious harm. When this occurs, not only may the company face civil litigation filed by those who were harmed but also costly […]

Why Low-T Therapy is Dangerous

by Jordan Lebovitz | April 16th, 2014

Countless hours, days, and years have been poured into the study and analysis of testosterone therapy medication and the risks associated with it. Studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine have traced the drug and noticed various risk factors. But simply put, you may not be […]


by NPHM | April 7th, 2014

 THE FACTS Consumers who purchased the Fitbit Force fitness tracking bracelet are reporting serious rashes, burns, or blisters on their skin. As a result, Fitbit CEO, James Park, issued a voluntary recall of the Fitbit Force and stopped the sale of the device as of February 20, 2014. A nationwide recall was later announced on […]

$9.8 Million Settlement Reached in Defective Product Lawsuit

by | January 13th, 2014

Manufacturers of the products we purchase and use every day have a responsibility to ensure these items are safe. Any failure to do so can result in costly recalls and civil litigation filed by those who were harmed by the faulty products. The Ohio Product Liability Attorneys with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy explain that […]

Ohio Product Liability Attorneys Examine Top 3 Causes for Defective Products

by | December 27th, 2013

December 27, 2013 Manufacturers of the products Americans use every day have a responsibility to ensure the items they release to the market are safe. Despite this responsibility, items are sometimes made available for purchase that can cause consumers serious harm, leading to injuries and even death. The Ohio Defective Product Lawyers with Nurenberg, Paris, […]

DePuy Johnson & Johnson ASR Hip System Global Resolution

by David M. Paris | November 20th, 2013

November 20, 2013 The DePuy/Johnson & Johnson ASR hip system litigation has taken a giant step towards global resolution. Attorneys for the corporations and the victims have tentatively agreed to a global settlement valued at $2.475 billion dollars. This comes nearly 39 months after the hip system was recalled, after 77 million pages of documents […]