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  • Pay Day Loans. The Ultimate Rip Off.

    Understanding The Legal Process

    Would you take out a loan at 300% interest?  Millions of people do it.  The promise of fast cash regardless of credit history. The payday loan industry aggressively preys on…
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  • Private Doctors Selling Their Practices to Hospitals. Why?

    Featured Articles

    Around the county more and more private doctors are selling their practices to large hospital systems.  As more Americans are joining the ranks of the insured thanks to the Affordable…
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  • Charity of the Month Connections Matter

    Firm News

    It was another amazing connection experience with one of our charity of the month partners at the New Avenues to Independence Holiday Ball.  New Avenues to Independence was our Facebook…
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  • Breast Cancer – It Is A Young Woman’s Disease To Fight

    Medical Malpractice

    The statistics can tell any story you want them to say. However, as I continue to talk to and represent women diagnosed with breast cancer it seems that the statistics…
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  • Nurenberg Paris Gladly Accepts OSU/MICHIGAN Football Challenge From Michigan Based Firm

    Featured Articles

    The 10-1 Ohio State Buckeyes take on the 5-6 Michigan Wolverines on Saturday, November 29th. This long-standing rivaled match up isn’t just any game, but it’s the GAME. In the…
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