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The 7 Biggest Myths Surrounding Personal Injury Lawsuits

by NPHM | September 25th, 2019

When you are injured in an accident that isn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be required to pay for the resulting medical bills out of pocket. But it can be difficult to prove that the fault lies with someone else, and even harder to determine how much money your injuries are worth, especially if symptoms persist […]

​MTD Snow Blower Wheels: What You Need to Know

by David M. Paris | March 14th, 2016

David M. Paris, Managing Partner at Nurenberg Paris, explains the national recall of MTD snow blower wheels in 2006. Many of these products are still in the public domain today and their tires could explode, causing serious injuries to people using them.

The Importance of Preserving Evidence

by Jordan Lebovitz | October 20th, 2015

Attorney Jordan Lebovitz discusses the importance of preserving evidence after an accident and the types of evidence that can be used to prove a case.

What is a Brachial Plexus Injury?

by Jonathan Mester | July 17th, 2015

Attorney Jonathan Mester discusses shoulder dystocia and the damage it can cause to an infant’s brachial plexus nerves if the shoulder dystocia isn’t properly handled during delivery.

What is Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy?

by Jonathan Mester | July 9th, 2015

Attorney Jonathan Mester discusses hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, a form of brain disorder that occurs as a result of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) and/or ischemia (inadequate blood supply).

What Is The NTSB?

by Jamie R. Lebovitz | May 15th, 2015

Listen to Jamie R. Lebovitz, Partner at Nurenberg Paris, explain the role of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). They investigate all major accidents involving airplanes, buses, trains, and other vehicles.

What Is A High-Risk Pregnancy?

by Jonathan Mester | May 12th, 2015

Listen as Jonathan Mester explains high risk pregnancy. This means a pregnant mother and her unborn child are at a greater than normal risk for developing serious complications that can affect their health. Learn more about the causes of birth injuries and how Nurenberg Paris may be able to help by visiting the Birth Injury section of our […]

Why Do Planes Have to Be De-Iced?

by Staff | March 3rd, 2015

National aviation attorney, Jamie Lebovitz, explains why it is important that airplanes are de-iced before travel.

Trucking Safety: Do You Know the Acronyms?

by Staff | December 11th, 2014

Speaker Andy Young Educates Attorneys on Trucking Litigation