Brandon’s Wish

by NPHM | November 28th, 2016

As Brandon walked on to the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California, he was greeted by Navy SEALs, his wish-granting team. Make-A-Wish and Nurenberg Paris banded together to ensure that Brandon’s wish to become a Navy SEAL became a reality.

A brief tour of the closely guarded area where the Navy SEALs train was the beginning of Brandon’s wish. For a day he would become part of this elite group of Special Forces. Brandon was given his own uniform and boots, and trained with the SEALs as they navigated an obstacle course. The soldiers helped Brandon conquer tough exercises and drills. He was taught hand-to hand defense moves, experienced a combat simulator, learned about the science of diving, and hung out in the barracks with soldiers.

Brandon was honored to spend his wish day with soldiers who protect our country and fight to keep our freedom. The Navy SEALs felt that Brandon was the true hero. He fights his cystic fibrosis with hard work and determination every single day!

At Nurenberg Paris, we were privileged to play a part in making Brandon’s wish come true.

In that spirit we wish you and everyone serving our country a happy and healthy holiday season!