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Chocolate Wishes Are Some of Our Favorite Things

December 30, 2014

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Magic can happen in many forms. At Nurenberg Paris, we create wish magic when we partner with Make-A-Wish each year. This year, we granted Chloe’s wish to visit a chocolate factory and meet Willy Wonka. The colorful and lively characters of the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie made her smile during long hospital stays. At the age of four, Chloe was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor, a cancer of the kidney. The granting of wishes allows children and their families to remember the days before their illnesses and a time without doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

On the day of her wish party (where she would learn that her wish was going to be granted), Chloe and her family were picked up by a beautiful limousine (donated by Thomas Limousine). Dressed in her favorite purple dress, she felt like a princess being taken to a magical place. Chloe and her family were taken to the front door of Harry London chocolate factory in Canton, where Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas were waiting for her. Excited about seeing Willy Wonka, Chloe remembered she didn’t bring her golden ticket. (Invitations to her party were sent by way of an actual chocolate bar wrapped in a golden ticket.) Willy Wonka reassured her that she was the special guest and he had a large golden ticket just for her. She entered the party with a huge smile and baby blue eyes that melted all who waited to share her wish.

During the afternoon party, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory played in the background. There was chocolate cake, gifts presented by the Oompa Loompas, and of course, the grand announcement that Chloe and her family would be leaving the next morning to visit Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Before leaving, Harry London’s chocolatiers gave Chloe her very own tour of the chocolate factory, including numerous chocolate tastings.

The team at Nurenberg Paris are known chocolate lovers, so this was a delicious way to combine two of our favorite things: Make-A-Wish and chocolate. We were so excited to have been able to grant Chloe’s wish to escape the realities of her illness for a short time as she traveled to one of the sweetest places on earth.

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