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NP4CLE Charity of the Month – Help Me Color a Rainbow

September 21, 2020

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We are excited to announce our September NP4CLE charity partner will be Help Me Color a Rainbow! Help Me Color A Rainbow is a non-profit organization created by Ella “The Crayon Girl” Tryon when she was 6 years-old with the purpose of providing crayons to children's hospitals throughout the United States.

In 2016, Ella was taken to Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio for a serious medical concern. During her stay at the hospital, Ella wanted to color a rainbow but found out that there weren’t enough crayons for every child and the ones they did have were worn down. Ella told her mother she wished every child could have their own box of crayons. This is how Help Me Color a Rainbow was started.

Ella’s current goal is to deliver 1000 boxes of crayons to every children’s hospital in the United States and 5000 boxes to St. Jude’s! Want to donate? If you would like to donate crayons, Help Me Color a Rainbow are accepting shipments of crayons. They ask that the crayons are new and appropriately package in their own original cartons.

You can send crayons, mail orders or checks to:

Help Me Color A Rainbow

Attn: Ella Tryon

PO Box 1124

Chardon, OH 44024

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