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New FDA-Approved Painkiller Has Many Ohio Citizens Concerned

February 28, 2014

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One of the leading causes of Drug Injury today is when a patient is given or takes too much of a medication that results in adverse health events. One of the drugs most commonly involved in these errors are prescription painkillers, which is why many citizens are concerned regarding the U. S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of a new, more powerful narcotic used to treat chronic pain.

According to an article from ABC 5 News, the new medication, called Zohydro, is said to be ten times stronger than the most powerful painkiller currently on the market, Oxycontin. This means taking two capsules of the new drug could cause an adult who is not used to taking such medications to overdose, and ingesting one pill could kill a child.

The potential for abuse, overdose, and injury has many drug safety organizations across the United States and in Ohio rallying to protest the release of the medication. Groups like Lorain County Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Inc. say they are closely monitoring the release of the drug and the affects it has on the community.

The Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy recognize the potential dangers powerful narcotic medications can pose and encourage anyone prescribed such medications to ask plenty of questions of your physician, closely monitor your schedule of dosages, and seek medical attention if you begin to feel dependent on your medication.

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