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Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss 3 Common Causes of Drug Injuries

December 30, 2013

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Each year, a large number of Americans lose their lives or are seriously injured as the result of a drug-related injury. The Ohio Drug Injury Lawyers with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy explain there are three main causes for drug injuries that occur today and they include:

  • Contamination- Mistakes in the manufacturing or packaging process can sometimes allow medications to become adulterated with germs, debris, or unknown ingredients. These errors can cause the patient to experience adverse health events, like the ones seen when a leaf fungus was discovered in certain steroid injections that caused an outbreak of meningitis.
  • Insufficient Research and Warnings- Drug manufacturers are required to extensively test new products before they are released to the public; however, this testing does not always catch all the dangers and risks a medication may pose to patients. For instance, a study found that certain IV agents can increase a patient’s chances of suffering a drug-induced liver injury.
  • Dosage Errors- Doctors and medical staff too often make mistakes when distributing medications to patients, including giving too much or not enough of a drug or giving the wrong medication altogether.

The law firm’s team of Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers recognizes the serious risks medications can sometimes pose to users and encourages anyone who has been harmed by a medication to discuss their legal rights and options with a qualified attorney immediately.

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