Andy Young Has Been Invited to Share Knowledge about Trucking Cases with Peers

by Andrew R. Young | July 3rd, 2012

Earlier this year, Andy Young was invited to write an article to be published in the Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys (CATA) professional news journal, CATA News.   CATA, founded in 1959, is a dedicated group of lawyers representing injured victims throughout the Greater Cleveland area.  The organization’s  purpose is to help “trial lawyers better represent their clients through educational programs and information.”   Andy’s article, Exposing Patterns of Unsafe Behavior In Your Trucking Case, educated trial attorneys with need-to-know complex information about handling trucking accident cases.  Specifically, the article informs accident lawyers about the Federal Government’s new Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) enforcement program and how a Defendant Trucking Company’s on-road safety performance score is calculated and utilized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The Ohio Association of Justice (OAJ) also invited Andy to share his knowledge about trucking cases asking him to co-moderate and give a speech at their 2012 Annual Convention held this past May.  OAJ is the statewide trial lawyers organization dedicated to preserving the Constitutional rights of injured victims by advocating for their continued access to the civil justice system.  The seminar title was “How to Win Your Next Interstate Trucking Accident Case.”   Andy’s lecture was entitled, “Truck Accidents Caused By Regulatory Safety Violations.”

Shortly after the convention, OAJ’s incoming President, Robert DeRose, Esq., appointed Andy as Chairperson of the organization’s new Trucking Litigation Section.   In September, the Trucking Litigation Section is hosting OAJ’s first full day Trucking Seminar, “Advocating for Highway Safety – Truck Accident Litigation.”  Andy is the moderator of this seminar and will be giving a lecture entitled,  “The Cost of a Truck Accident – Profit vs. Safety.”  Several  out-of-state attorneys will be appearing with Andy to speak at this upcoming seminar.

Last year, the Lorain County Bar Association hosted a Trucking Negligence seminar.  Andy used his own Peterbilt 359 semi-tractor to provide a live demonstration of a pre-trip inspection.  Andy also gave a lecture on the “Mechanics of a Semi-Truck: Regulatory Overview of Safe Equipment.”  Andy’s knowledge about trucking accident litigation comes both from his practical experience as a trial attorney representing injured victims and from the fact that he owns a semi-tractor and holds a Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

The Ohio Supreme Court approved each of the aforementioned seminars for Continuing Legal Education Credit (CLE).  To maintain an active law license in the State of Ohio, lawyers are required to register, complete, and report a specific number of CLE credit hours every two (2) years.  Andy’s lectures helped lawyers not only earn their CLE credit, but also gain insightful knowledge about how to properly handle a truck accident case.  Nurenberg Paris is proud to have Andy Young on our team of talented attorneys serving injury and wrongful death victims of truck accidents.