Insurance Carriers Gather Private Data to Set Rates

by Staff | June 18th, 2012

Automobile insurance companies are ramping up efforts to determine what rate to charge you for auto insurance based on how you drive your car.  With the use of systems installed in cars that can transmit data to a satellite and data networks, the insurance carriers can determine whether to increase your rates based upon how fast you drive, how much you drive, whether you take corners or curves quickly and how hard you accelerate and stop.  State Farm, the country’s largest auto insurer, has agreements with On Star and Sync to collect driving data and offers customers a “discount” on their premiums if the customer allows State Farm to install a communicator device so State Farm can mine data, including whether you drive your car over 80 miles per hour.  So before you buy your next car, make certain you understand exactly who is monitoring your driving patterns and how.  You may very well find a sudden bump up in your insurance rates even though you have no accidents or tickets.

Authored by: Trial Attorney Ellen McCarthy