Motorcycle Crash Claims Life of Vermilion Township Man

by NPHM | May 18th, 2012

May 18, 2012

Data from the U.S. Department of Transportation indicates that over the past 10 years, passenger vehicle occupant fatalities have steadily decreased while the number of motorcyclist fatalities has steadily increased.

Unfortunately, the state of Ohio lost another resident to a motorcycle crash in Vermilion Township on Wednesday morning. reports that the crash occurred around 10:21 a.m. on state Route 60 between Trinter and Mason Roads.

A 61-year-old motorcyclist from Vermilion was traveling south on his Harley Davidson when he slowed to turn left into a driveway and was hit by a PT Cruiser behind him. He was pronounced dead at the crash site. The PT Cruiser was driven by a 21-year-old Berlin Heights woman who was not injured in the crash.

In Ohio the number of motorcycle fatalities has remained relatively steady over the past three years, averaging about 165 deaths a year. In about 50 percent of these crashes the driver was in error, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Officers investigating the Vermilion crash say they don’t yet know whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved in the fatality Wednesday.

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