Pedestrian Injuries – September and October Deadliest Months

by Staff | October 4th, 2012

Can’t walk and text at the same time?  Or at least walk safely?  With texting being the preferred method of communication among teens, it is no wonder there is a rise in the number of teen pedestrian injuries and deaths.  Pedestrian injuries in people ages 16-19 increased 25% over the last several years.   In fact, according to SafeKids (a global non-profit organization focused on preventing injuries to children), the death rate among older teens is twice that of younger teens.  While it is impossible to quantify the number of mobile devices used in these accidents, texting usage has risen dramatically, not only by teens but by drivers who become inattentive while texting.  According to the SafeKids report, September and October are among the deadliest months, just when kids head off to school.  So drivers, put down the phone and kids, look where you are walking.  Make eye contact with the driver before stepping into the street, regardless of the traffic sign.

Authored by: Trial Attorney Ellen McCarthy