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Super Bowl of Truck Safety Crowns Grand Champion

August 29, 2012

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In the trucking industry, the 2012 American Trucking Association (ATA)  National Truck Driving Championship (NTDC) is referred to as the “Super Bowl of Safety.”  The Attorneys at Nurenberg Paris wish to congratulate this year’s Grand Champion, Don Logan, driver for FedEx Freight out of Topeka, Kansas.  Congratulations to all driver participants and companies that encourage their drivers to compete in this truck safety focused event. Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, manufacture of commercial vehicle braking systems, should also be recognized for being this year’s primary safety event sponsor.

To become a Grand Champion, you must first compete against over 425 commercial truck drivers who have all qualified to compete on the National level by winning State and Regional competitions.  Each driver is required to achieve high scores on a written safety exam testing knowledge of industry safety regulations.  Additionally, each drive must pass an oral pre-trip inspection and practical driving skills tests.

Congratulations and recognition goes out to all of this year’s winners:

DRIVER                                             CATEGORY              COMPANY
Donald Logan (Grand Champ)       Flatbed                    FedEx Freight, Kansas
Michael Grogan                                  Five-Axle                Con-way Freight, Idaho
Scott Stroup                                        Four-Axle               YRC Freight, Nebraska
Leo Flack                                             Sleeper Berth          A. Duie Pyle, Pennsylvania
Robert Dolan                                      Straight Truck       Con-way Freight, Pennsylvania
Brent Quire                                         Tank Truck             Con-way Freight, Kentucky
Ronald Bolduc                                    Three-Axle             FedEx Express, Connecticut
Michael Umphrey                              Twins                       Con-way Freight, Alabam
Edward Getz                                       Step Van                  FedEx Express, New Hampshire

Our team at Nurenberg Paris want to especially recognize the fact that all competitors are required to log at least one year’s worth of accident-free miles.  According to ATA’s publication, Transport Topics, all competitors combined have logged more than 600 million accident-free miles.

Each State sends their best of the best, Ohio being no exception.   While Ohio’s Competitors did not win, they are also congratulated on a valiant effort and for making it to the NTDC.

The Bendix press release honoring the event’s participants appropriately states, “we share the mission of these drivers for safety on our highways.  Their dedication to safe driving is a reminder to the commercial vehicle industry that an emphasis on safety rewards everyone on the road.”

Safety on our highways is our mission at Nurenberg Paris too.  We accomplish this mission by holding truck companies and drivers accountable on behalf of wrongful death and injury victims of truck accidents.  Through the courage of our clients, we file lawsuits to  Expose Patterns of Unsafe Behavior exhibited by rogue truck companies and drivers who do not focus on the goal of accident-free miles.  Regardless, all in the truck industry can learn by the achievements and example set by those involved in this year’s Superbowl of Safety, the 2012 ATA National Truck Driving Championships.

Authored by: Trial Attorney / Truck Accident Attorney / Class A CDL Truck Driver
Andrew R. Young, Esquire

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