Documentary covers crash of Pan Am Flight 759

by lmallernee | July 13th, 2012

July 13, 2012

Thirty years after the crash of Pan Am Flight 759, a refurbished memorial and a new documentary are helping survivors cope, according to Many family members attended the anniversary service Monday at our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in New Orleans.

Pan Am Flight 759 took off during a heavy thunderstorm from New Orleans International Airport for Las Vegas on July 9, 1982. It crashed a minute later, killing all 146 people on board and eight people in Kenner, a half-mile east of the runway.

New Orleans filmmaker Royd Anderson’s new documentary, “Pan Am Flight 759,” was shown for the first time Monday night. He spent a year working on the film, which shows archival television news footage interspersed with personal photos and interviews with first responders, witnesses, relatives, and friends of those who died.

As one family member refurbished the tiles on the memorial, another researched the victims. She learned that on the plane were family members on their way to a funeral and an 8-year-old boy flying alone for the first time.

Before she started her research, “it was just names,” she said. “[Then] you learn there’s a story behind every single person on that monument.”

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