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Cleveland man gets $1.2 million after botched surgery

October 17, 2012

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October 17, 2012

The family of a man left in a vegetative state after cancer surgery received $1.2 million from the Ohio State University Medical Center, reports The Plain Dealer.

The 45-year-old man, who was living in Columbus at the time, went to the medical center for testicular cancer surgery.

Accusing the facility of medical malpractice and negligence, the man's mother said that "the surgery was complicated by a massive retroperitoneal hemorrhage and cardiac failure" and that those complications left the man with permanent brain damage.

The court documents state that "as a direct and proximate result of the failure of the defendant [the medical center] to meet accepted standards of skill, care and diligence, [the man] suffered severe physical pain, mental anguish, extreme emotion distress, loss of enjoyment of life and permanent brain damage."

According to a news release from the Court News of Ohio, the parties decided to settle during private mediation, and the court approved their settlement.

"People for Ohio counsel, both private and in-house, were very fair," said the attorney for the family. "They did their best to reach a fair resolution, especially given the difficulty of the case."

The Ohio attorney general's office represented the state-operated medical center.

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