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Ohio doctor inserted unnecessary heart stents in patients

November 14, 2012

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November 14, 2012

More than 23 patients have had unnecessary stents inserted into arteries in their hearts at St. John Medical Center, reports The Plain Dealer.

The doctor who placed those stents no longer works at the hospital, but still works at Southwest General Hospital.

The vice president of medical affairs at Southwest said, “Safety is obviously our first priority. We are investigating his cases and haven't made any decisions as to whether he will keep his privileges here."

St. John reviewed 30 of the doctor's cases and determined that 23 of the stent placements were unnecessary. Patients who received the devices are at a slightly increased risk for complications. So far there have been no deaths or serious side effects in these cases.

The letter that the hospital mailed to the 23 patients says, "St. John Medical Center sincerely apologizes that this occurred." It also says that the hospital will pay for a follow-up visit for each patient with a cardiologist of his or her choice.

"I think that the difficulty is that this physician disputes this, and we believe, at this point in time, that he's afforded the right to have some due process," St. John's chief medical officer said.

"He wants to appeal all this and prove that he is right."

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