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At Nurenberg Paris, we want to keep you informed. Our blog posts contain up to date articles and information that can be helpful in preventing accidents. We also discuss how to handle a personal injury or accident if it happens to you or your family! Our clients health and safety always comes first!

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  • Do You Have to Use FMLA When You’re on Workers’ Comp?

    Workers Compensation

    Originally published October 19, 2020. Whether you have a family or are just supporting yourself, it’s important to have a steady, reliable job. Suffering an injury or illness that’s severe…
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  • What is Comparative Negligence and How Does it Work in Ohio?

    Personal Injury

    John is walking down the street when he trips on a broken sidewalk and falls. He is injured and sues the city for negligence. The city argues that John was…
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  • Understanding Ohio’s Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Protection

    Auto Accident

    When a person suffers an injury in a car accident, everyone expects the insurance company of the driver at fault to cover the damages. But what happens when the party…
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  • Understanding Ohio’s Laws on Obstetrical Negligence and Liability

    Birth Injury

    Bringing a baby into today’s world is an occasion of joy for couples. However, a mishap leading to death or severe health issues can turn what would have been a…
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  • Can I Get Compensation from My Own Insurance After a Truck Accident?

    Truck Accident

    It’s common for injured drivers to have to tap into their own auto insurance policies to be compensated after crashes with other passenger vehicles in Ohio. That’s because around 13%…
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