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Children Experiencing Side Effects From Parents’ Medication

February 24, 2012

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February 24, 2012

Medications can have long lasting effects on human bodies. Unfortunately, in some cases, dangerous drug  side effects are not evident until offspring experience health problems.

According to a report from 10 TV News, 14 different drug companies have been forced into settlement discussions with 53 women by a federal judge in Centerburg, Ohio, after they experienced side effects from medications their parents took.

In March of 2010, one of the women says that a routine breast examination uncovered a lump in her breast. Upon further examination, doctors discovered more than 20 tumors throughout the woman’s body and determined the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes. The woman claims that the cancer was caused by a medication called DES, a synthetic form of estrogen, that her mother took while pregnant with her.

With a federal judge saying that the medication is linked to several various health issues, one of which being cancer, the woman is hoping for a settlement with the drug’s maker to help offset some of the costs of her nearly three months of treatment and several reconstructive surgeries.

The Ohio drug injury attorneys with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller and McCarthy know that it could take years to see side effects from medications that you or a loved one took. If you ever have a problem related to a medication, we will be here to help.

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