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Protecting young Ohio athletes from brain injuries

November 12, 2012

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November 12, 2012

Designed to educate youth sports coaches and protect young Ohio athletes from brain injuries, Bill 143 passed in the Ohio House this summer, according to the Columbia Dispatch. After a change in the bill to allow other medical professionals to be involved, the Senate is expected to pass the bill in November.

The bill requires coaches or referees who see young players suffer concussion-like symptoms to remove the players from the game until they are examined by a medical professional.

“We’re talking about a pretty significant, traumatic brain injury, and our view is a physician really needs to be making that assessment,” said a member of the Medical Association.

An Ohio senator plans to amend the bill so that other medical professionals can be involved, but before a young player returns to play, a licensed physician must give the final clearance.

The bill requires a parent to review and sign an information sheet regarding brain injuries, and it requires youth-sports coaches to complete a free online concussion course developed by the state.

“It’s a great bill and definitely needed,” the Medical Association member said. “We’re seeing more and more of these head injuries in youth sports, and the consequences can be long-term and devastating if they’re not addressed appropriately at the front end.”

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