Study Shows Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury Can Linger After Symptoms Have Dissipated

by | December 6th, 2013

December 6, 2013

A settlement was recently reached between the National Football League and hundreds of former and current players in regards to a lawsuit alleging the league failed to warn players of the dangers traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) posed to their long-term health. In the wake of this agreement, the public has become more aware of the serious risks these injuries can pose. Now, the Ohio Brain Injury Lawyers with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy point out a new study is showing the long-term effects of a TBI can still be seen long after the symptoms of the injury have passed.

According to an article from Forbes, a team of scientists from the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine used a new imaging technique, called diffusion tensor imaging, to collect data on the brains of a group of individuals who had suffered mild TBIs and a group of participants who had no such injury.

The team was able to identify abnormalities in the grey matter of the frontal cortex in brains of those who had suffered TBIs up to two weeks after the injury occurred. Furthermore, those who had suffered TBIs performed worse on cognitive testing.

The law firm’s Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers recognize how difficult it can be to recover from a TBI, both physically and financially. That’s why the firm urges anyone who has suffered such an injury through no fault of their own to discuss their legal rights with an attorney.