FDA Recalls Defective Medical Device Because of Problems

May 29th, 2014 | Defective product

Companies who market medical devices and equipment have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their products; however, testing doesn’t always catch every problem and sometimes devices are released that can cause patients serious harm. When this occurs, not only may the company face civil litigation filed by those who were harmed but also costly… Read More

FDA Works To Reduce Dangers Posed By Defective Medical Device

October 4th, 2013 | Defective product

October 4, 2013 When a new medical device is brought to the market, the manufacturer has a responsibility to test the product to ensure its safety. Failure to identify any potential defects that lead to users being killed or injured can result in costly recalls and claims of liability. The Ohio Class Action Attorneys with… Read More

FDA Announces Voluntary Recall Of GE Healthcare Imaging Systems

August 5th, 2013 | Defective product

August 5, 2013 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has initiated the recall of GE Healthcare’s nuclear imaging systems due to a risk of serious injury or death the Defective Medical Device can pose to patients. The device is used to collect images from inside a patient’s body by having the individual ingest radioactive… Read More

FDA Issues Recall Of Defective Infant Ventilators

January 2nd, 2013 | Defective product

January 2, 2013 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, along with medical device manufacturer, Bunnell, issued a voluntary recall on the Bunnell Life Pulse High-Frequency Ventilator Patient Circuits due to a manufacturing defect. According to an FDA press release, reports have been made of the device overheating and developing electrical fires. The Bunnell Life Pulse High-Frequency… Read More